Checklist for Finding Your New Place to Live

CheckmarkYou’re a Busy Person

Which is why the link below the photos sends you to a slideshow. Check it out and if you’re interested call 650-386-5280

Patio entrance to apartment
Loma Vista Courtyard

Link to Photo Slide Show

CheckmarkYou’re Particular About Where You Live

This apartment gives you:
1007 square feet in a cozy and private first floor apartment with no common walls.
The servicemen who cleaned the furnace told the manager, “It’s very cool and peaceful here.”
Oak kitchen cabinets, color coordinated countertops, black refrigerator (with glass shelves), easy-to-load black dishwasher, black range with self-cleaning oven, and a double stainless-steel sink with a spray attachment.
Hand painted white ceilings and off-white walls (no spatter from spray painting hither and yon).
Two new oak vanities with jade-colored granite tops. (One of them has 8 drawers.)
12” x 12” ceramic tile on the entry, dining, kitchen and hallway floors, and both baths are tiled.

CheckmarkYou Like Extras

How about:
A keyed storage closet that is 8 feet high – no more storing your canoe or other tall stuff in the corner of the living room.
A private semi-circular patio outside your front door where you can listen to the birds (and hang a bird feeder).
Two baths – one with a shower and one with a tub.
Choose a color from our accent wall palette and we’ll paint an accent wall for you.
Hooking up to the HD antenna and watching a lot of channels for free. Or if you’d rather sign up with a TV provider the apartment is wired for local/national/international satellite or cable TV.

CheckmarkYou Like to Know a Little About Who Lives Here

People feel comfortable leaving their soap and softener and other laundry supplies on open shelves in the laundry rooms.
Residents who moved back to Switzerland after getting their degrees said, “We liked living here because the apartments have different floor plans and we felt like we had our own place.”
People stay – some residents have lived here ten years or more.
Why did the people who lived here leave? Yale only loaned him to Stanford, and they’re back at Yale now.
A few people get their exercise by biking to Stanford and Google.
Several residents have said they’ve made lasting friendships with some of their neighbors.
The managers live in the complex – residents don’t have to leave messages and make appointments. They get notes saying things like “Thank you both for being such great managers,” and “Thanks for making this such a comfortable place to live.”

CheckmarkYou Want to Live in a Place That Feels Like Home

The gardens surrounding the pool have ferns, lemon bushes, camellias, apricot and loquat trees, a giant avocado tree, a visiting falcon and a raccoon who lives in a large pine tree.
The gates to our gated complex are inviting, and  as soon as they get inside many people say something about how peaceful and quiet it is.
People new to California sometimes ask about earthquakes, and yes, the entire complex has been earthquake retrofitted.
Your cat can watch sassy squirrels and an assortment of birds.

CheckmarkYou’re Interested Enough to Want Some Numbers

$1000 deposit ($500 additional if you have a cat) and a year lease.
Location: 2011 California Street, Mt. View. 650-386-5280.


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