••••• 2 BR – 1 BA •••••

  • Kitchen and bath have oak cabinets with drawers that close themselves. (see slide show below)
  • Downstairs, private entrance
  • Patio twelve steps from pool
  • People often say, “It’s so peaceful here.”
  • Kitchen & dining have tiled floors
  • Bike to places like Google or Stanford
  • A large multi-trunked hollywood juniper shades the patio
  • Kitty Sitter? (see Q&A below)

Resident Reference: “We like living here because the apartments have different floor plans and feel like we have our own place.”

Here are views from a couple of our apartments.

View from Apartment

View from Apartment

Living Room and Patio

Walk out onto your patio and look at the pool.   Humm, looks like a nice day.  Walk back into the living room, go into the kitchen and get a bottle of water.  Open the drawer where you hide the cookies — there are two lonely cookies left.

Now that you’re properly provisioned grab your laptop, choose which table by the pool looks best, settle in, and start surfing.

View Apartment Slideshow

More Questions? Keep Reading…

Q: Do you like new stuff?
A: Be the first to use the 16 cf black refrigerator with glass shelves, the easy-to-load black dishwasher, and the oak vanity with the jade-colored granite top.

Q: Do you love your cat?
A: Cats fit on windowsills which is a good place to watch sassy squirrels. See the last answer for info about the kitty sitter.

Q: Would you rather have decorator tile instead of a fiberglass surround in your bath?
A: The brand new tub has tile/shower has tiled walls and the same 12” x 12” decorator tile is on the floor.

Q: Why did the people who lived in the apartment leave?
A: He retired and after her company agreed to let her telecommute, they bought a house in the Sierra foothills.

Q: Do you watch international TV – follow sports – want HD reception?
A: You can hook up to our HD antennas and watch a lot of channels for free, and every apartment is wired for satellite TV.

Q: What are the people like who live there?
A: Residents from Switzerland said they have made lasting friendships at Loma Vista. People who moved in a couple of months ago gave the managers a note thanking them for the move-in supplies. Several years ago the managers temporarily stored a tall bookcase in one of the laundry rooms. Residents began leaving their laundry supplies on the shelves, and now the laundry rooms have permanent shelves where residents leave their soap, softener, etc.

Q: Other questions?
A: Call Mike and Deby at 650-386-5280.

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