••••• 1 BR – 1 BA •••••

  • Classy oak cabinets (photo tour link below)
  • Upstairs corner apartment, kitchen only common wall
  • Redwood trees provide privacy, shade and song
  • People often say, “It’s so peaceful here.”
  • Choose an accent wall color
  • Oak vanity has 8 drawers
  • Bike to places like Google or Stanford

Resident Reference: “We like living here because the apartments have different floor plans and feel like we have our own place.”

Here are views from a couple of our apartments.

View from Apartment

View from Apartment

Apartment entranceWhen you open your front door, you’re looking at redwood trees. (You can open one or both of the windows and touch them.) The red door on the left opens to your deck.

The light on the floor on the right is from the kitchen which has oak cabinets with drawers that close themselves, and a double stainless steel sink below an under-cabinet light.

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Q: Would you rather have decorator tile instead of a fiberglass surround in your bath?
A: This bath has decorator tile in the tub/shower and matching tile on the floor and an oak vanity with eight drawers and a granite top the color jade.

Q: Do you have a kitty?
A: Cats fit on the windowsills. And your kitty can sit on the window sill and watch sassy squirrels and an assortment of birds.

Q: Do you like coming home to a get-away resort-like place?
A: We’ve got ferns, lemon bushes, camellias, apricot and loquat trees, a giant avocado tree, a visiting falcon and a raccoon who lives in a large pine tree. Many people come in the gates and say something about how peaceful and quiet it is here.

Q: Do you have long stuff that you only use now and then?
A: Keep it in your keyed storage locker that is 8-1/2 feet high and 7 feet wide, instead of propping it in a corner in the living room.

Q: Do you follow sports and/or watch international TV? Do you want HD reception?
A: Every apartment is wired for local/national/international satellite TV, and you can hook up to our HD antennas and watch 50 or 60 channels for free.

Q: Why did the people who used to live here move?
A: They lived here almost 2 1/2 years and bought their first house.

Q: What about the managers?
A: They’re here – you don’t have to leave messages and make appointments. A resident enclosed a note with this month’s rent that says, “Thank you both for being such great managers.” Another resident sent them a note saying, “Thank you for making this such a comfortable place to live.”

Q: Other questions?
A: Call John and Bonnie at 650 386-5280.

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